Find Great Art and Relaxation in Kangaroo Valley NSW

Kangaroo Valley is located along the Kangaroo River. It is a small, artistic community with very limited business activity. If you are interested in finding great arts and crafts, restaurants and cafes and other activities, Kangaroo Valley is the place for you. No matter whether you are a couple looking for a quaint and out of the way love-nest or you are a family that prefers to find quieter places to relearn about each other, you can find the right atmosphere and accommodations here.

Far From the Maddening Crowds
Although there are many arts and crafts outlets, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, there are not a lot of other businesses in Kangaroo Valley. There is a bowling alley here and a single hotel. In addition, there is one grocery store, two real estate agents and a full-time doctor to care for residents and visitors. There is a pharmacy for medications and other medical needs and one ambulance station for emergencies. The doctor visits the ambulance station one time per week.

The area is a tourist area, but of the offbeat variety. There are no huge glittering stores here, only boutiques and art galleries that allow for a far slower pace, which lets you relax and really pay attention to what is going on. There are no traffic lights at all in Kangaroo Valley and the tourist bureau is working hard to make the area a completely carbon neutral tourist destination.

Come for the Festival
Kangaroo Valley, as a major arts center in the New South Wales area, hosts a bi-annual arts festival, which began in the area in 2007. While arts are the major focus of the festival, they are not the only attraction, and music is also featured at the festival here.

The Shopping
There are a number of beautiful antique, arts and crafts and sweet treat shops located here as well. You can find art in the art galleries or the perfect houseware in one of the other little shops. In addition, for all of the booklovers in your group, a visit to Berkelouw’s Book Barn and CafĂ© is in order, with over 200,000 secondhand and rare books to be bought. You can also curl up near the fire and read your choices while you are sipping coffee and eating the homemade cakes.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!
There are more than a few places to eat in Kangaroo Valley and you are sure to find one that fits your tastes and palate perfectly. Whether you need just a simple snack, a decadent dessert or a full gourmet meal, you can find just the right place to suit you. For the wine lover, there are a number of local wineries that create a variety of beautiful wines to sample and enjoy.

In addition, Kangaroo Valley is a favorite place for weddings because of the beautiful, natural scenery and quiet, untouched splendor of the area.