Is Southwestern Landscape Art Dead?

White poster board splattered yellow and called art. In today’s ‘rat race’ maybe that is all that one wants. Look at a painting and say, I could have done that! One wonders if there is any real art works being created in today’s art world? Ever ask where is the real talent? Look at the galleries and museums of today and you see all the ‘masters’ and then their counterparts of today’s contemporary art. At art galleries you
wonder if the realism of the art world still exist in the artists of today.

Contemporary defines as, belonging to the same period of time, current, a person of the same age. Ever been told that real talent in today’s art world is gone. Or we don’t sell
southwest art? Landscape art is a thing of the past? Is the fact that the living earth is dead as well? Contemporary and Southwest art is not the same!

Art and talent should go side by side. Yet in our modern world the talent falls by the wayside. Talent gives way to the middleman. Sell a product, any product. The talent to
make and sell do not all ways go hand in hand. Thus the true artist in us all is cheated. Cheated because we cannot always view the truly realistic contemporary artists of our day.

Some of us know that in the art world realism is not dead. It is alive and well and living in the southwest. In the deserts and mesa’s of America’s southwest, and elsewhere, where some of America’s most talented artist still apply their trade. Most go over looked in today’s ‘rat race’.

The Internet is finally changing all that. It puts the artist and the promoter on an even scale. Finally in this fast pace of today’s world we can all sit and enjoy the real art world of the contemporary artist. No longer can the brick and
mortar galleries eat half the lunch that the artist took many hours creating. The online galleries of the Internet have forever changed that!